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Mountain Creek Counselling

Registered Psychologist | Calgary, AB
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My name is Mirjam. I am a Registered Psychologist in Calgary, Alberta passionate about supporting you through life's challenges. Together we can face your current challenges in life, so that you can find more flow and ease when difficulties of unexpected experiences arise. As a team we can find ways to create freedom from experiences of stress, trauma responses, or anxiety that may be effecting your experiences in life. I support you to shape your journey in life from a sense of feeling empowered, so that you can take the steps that feel aligned for you.

How I Can Support You

I support individuals who feel overwhelmed find a sense of peace and calmness so that they can work towards the relationships, career, and personal goals they have in their lives. Feeling centered and more deeply connected to yourself can provide clarity and direction as you navigate life. Strengthening this connection with yourself may allow you to discover your true values, so you can make decisions that authentically resonate with you. This will help you to build a life where you feel more energized, fulfilled and whole.

A Deeper Healing Process

I support you to increase your awareness of your present experiences, in order to develop new understanding for frustrating or confusing patterns that happen in your life. Maybe some choices you make are based on experiences from the past. As a therapist passionate about supporting you in working through past challenging experiences where you may have felt hurt, overwhelmed, or not seen, I am able to help you process impactful experiences so that you can make decisions that you prefer for your life, rather than being strongly influenced by responses learned in the past. Your new insight of these patterns, and working through them, may nourish compassion and patience which can be supportive to build a sense of empowerment. 

If you are feeling stuck and overwhelmed in your life,

please call or email me to book an appointment today.

My Approach

Individual Therapy     Adults

I provide individual therapy for adults. I offer a variety of approaches to treatment to help you work towards your goals. I work in a collaborative manner with clients to ensure we are working on what is important to you and that we remain on a helpful path towards your goals. I have experience using body focused, relaxation, mindfulness, and trauma processing techniques. I offer therapy for anxiety, and am trained in various approaches as a trauma therapist.


Contact Me

I am currently offering sessions in person and online. To book an appointment, please call or email me, or complete the message form below. Click here to see where my office is located.

If you would like to further discuss my approach and whether we are a good fit, please feel free to contact me. 

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