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Mirjam Codirenzi

Registered Psychologist, M.A.
Calgary, AB

As a child I had several experiences that made it difficult to connect with my emotions, my inner knowing, and my femininity. My family immigrated to Canada from Holland when I was young, which was a challenging experience for me emotionally as I missed my family and friends. Dutch culture also values a masculine approach to life, valuing logical thinking and decision making, and moving forward quickly at a constant pace. I found it difficult to get to know myself intimately, to honour my knowing, and follow a path in life that was authentic. 


This led me to give up my passion for art that I nurtured in high school, and pursue a Bachelor of Science Degree in Biology and Psychology. Following this, I travelled for over a year where I felt more freedom to be, enjoy life, and have fun. I tore my ACL while working abroad in New Zealand, which I took as a sign to move back home and apply for my Master’s Degree in Counselling, which had been calling to me for many years. 


While completing my psychologist licensing in Alberta, I was injured during a recreational hockey game. I suffered from a concussion and whiplash, 3 days before I was scheduled to write a major licensing exam. I was devastated and disoriented. I had to postpone my exam 6 months as I suffered with post-concussion symptoms. I experienced fatigue, auditory sensitivity, visual disorders, anxiety, overwhelm, difficulty with multi-tasking, nausea, headaches, neck pain, and difficulties with balance. Through my ongoing journey of recovering from this injury, I learned to pace myself and to honour my inner symptoms and experiences in order to allow myself to heal. I sought out several treatment approaches over the years to identify and manage symptoms.


My Passion for Helping Others

I am a nurturer at heart. I grew up on a farm tending to animals, plants, and witnessing the birth-death cycle around me. I also played a strong role in my family as a mediator, and would try to address challenges. I am also naturally a listener in relationships and hold space for others to share and be heard. These experiences have naturally led me to a career in counselling, where I can show up with compassion and care for others in a skillful way. 


As I have been on a journey to find my true self, I am passionate about helping others learn the skills and presence to understand themselves on a deeper level. I support clients to identify and work through emotions and bodily sensations to reduce suffering and bring more ease to daily life. I also assist clients to connect with and be guided by their true selves, and to move past experiences that have led to self-doubt, worry, and overthinking.

What Balances Me

I have regular practices that support me physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I have developed a regular spiritual practice that allows me to feel supported, loved, and connected to something greater than myself as I navigate my life. I have found it is important for me to address my wellness holistically, including eating healthy foods, taking supplements, and exercising regularly. As I grew up connected with nature and animals, I also find spending time in nature or with my cat to be nurturing.

Education & Credentials

I have an undergraduate degree in Biology and Psychology from McMaster University. I completed my Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychology at McGill University and am a Registered Psychologist in Alberta (#4976). I have been supporting people in the helping profession since 2010. I fundamentally practice from a place of compassion that is non-judgemental of your experience.


I have specialized training in Natural Processing to process trauma using a somatic (body) focus. I also have experience using Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Mindfulness skills, Solution-Focused, and Spiritually-Directed Therapy skills. See the Approach page for more details.

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